OMN 240 "ScoreTracks"
These mixes and stems give editors and producers a powerful tool to create unique musical scores that rival original music. Perfect for emotional documentaries, light drama and security projects.
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OMN 239 "Revolution"
For over fifty years, the electric guitar has provided the soundtrack for the young, the restless, the defiant and the angry. It still does. Fourteen blistering, raw rock tracks, ready for the next generation.
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FP 41 "Plush"
Pink cocktails and endless fun go with these kitschy retro chic tracks from the 50's & 60's. Fourteen tracks with broadcast edits.
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OMN 238 "Shadows"
Explore the unknown with these atmospheric scores pulsing with undercurrents of suspense. Thirteen tracks with broadcast edits set the mood for something unexpected.
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OMN 237 "Breaking News"
Powerful news themes for the events that shape our world. Sixteen themes with underscores and broadcast edits that capture the immediacy of TV news.
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OMN 236 "Exhilaration"
Youthful optimism bursts through these Top 40-style Pop Rock tracks from Brian Wayy. Fourteen tracks with broadcast edits.
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ASN 50 "Cinematic Thunder"
The challenge of conflict and the determination to pursue victory at all costs are embodied in these epic orchestral works. Sixteen inspiring tracks with
broadcast edits.
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OMN 235 "Sports Heat"
These Latin-flavored sports tracks combine the extreme energy of live percussion with the driving force of contemporary sports music.
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CSH 17 "Drive"
Drive is the force that powers ideas into reality. Ten determined rock tracks with broadcast edits push the team forward.
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LAE 15 "Behind the Story"
Quiet uncertainty slowly builds to a dramatic finish in these beautifully crafted tracks. Ten tracks with broadcast edits bring out the emotion behind the story.
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OMN 234 "Backwoods"
From tense suspense and dirty blues to wild chases and good times. Fourteen tracks with broadcast edits to get you there from here.
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BUR 18 "Reality"
Everybody loves Drama, and Reality TV brings it in all flavors. Set the various moods with these fifteen Hip Hop tracks with broadcast edits.
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CSH 16 "Profiles"
These lighter Pop Rock tracks provide various moods for profiling the different aspects of the people we hold up as examples. Ten tracks with broadcast edits.
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CDM 59 "Rising"
Gentle, pulsing beginnings build into strong inspirational themes that chronicle progress, teamwork and achievement. Seventeen motivational tracks.
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SCB 5 "The Singles Club
Vol. V"

An eclectic collection of special release singles not part of our regular CDs.
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